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Yes they did. What, you weren't aware? When they embarked upon their final solution they began with the mentally ill. That worked so well they expanded their program of racial purity to include Jews, Gypsies, faggots, Russians, and anyone else who disagreed with the program. Once they had the process refined, they told the people to assemble at the train station, and only bring one bag. They wouldn't have said bring one bag if they were planning whole sale extermination now would they? No-oo. Of course not. And strangely enough, lots of people complied. Well, what else were they gonna do really, when the consequence for non compliance was so utterly, and abundantly, clear . . .

So, you know, I kind of figure the mentally ill in any given society are kind of like the canary, you know? Kinda. They serve as a kind of barometer of the society in which they live.

The last time I saw something come out on research involving the mentally ill it appeared in the Boston Globe in 1998, and the articles included things like wash out therapy, ketamine research, and a few other experiments with medication. Some of these experiments resulted in suicide.

And that kinda pisses me off.

Ya. It does. Almost as much as the idea that some right wing bible thumper might actually use scripture to justify homicide. Huh? What? You say? If a seed falls and dies . . . they say, and I say that's no excuse.

There is no excuse. And I've got just the punishment that will fit the crime . . .

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neural linguistics hides crime for the mob I said . . . .
kiss my ass . . .
Oh, I see. No body is listening . . . heh.
well of course you have dear. that's what I keep saying. What? You don't think it's a problem? No? Well just wait, yeah-ya, just wait, till you see the next generation . . .
You know what a stone does, when you drop it in a pool of water, right? It forms ripples. I have this little theory I'd really like to test. What I mean is, if a behaviorist ___________ and no one hears it, does it still ripple . . .?
Where did this research take place? The research that was mentioned in the Boston Globe in 1998.
If I recall I believe most of it took place on the east coast, some of it in the Boston area, during the early - mid 1990s.

Interestingly enough, some of the eugenics research that became the foundation of the Aryan vision for racial purity, was conducted here in Vermont, at UVM, curtesy of some clown named Perkins.

They have some new theories now. They involve neural linguistics used in a form of hazing. When they turn their little game on the mentally ill, what is anyone gonna say? Oh, must be they're off their meds . . .
There are a few who might actually benefit from trial by jury for the charge of TREASON
hum, I'm not sure what you're point is here. That within the field of mental health there has been distinct and demonstrable pattern of grotesque violation of human rights perpetrated by sociopaths who have very successfully hidden their maladies behind extensive degrees and letters of PhD?

That this pattern has persisted - despite all of our strides toward something we call progress, for over a century?

Or is it rather an attempt to portray a single, and very powerful, family of American society as utterly corrupt, the embodiment of everything that is un-American and therefore, somehow, completely evil?

Obviously you have never heard how within the Bush Dynasty there lies a banker who funded the rise of Hitler in Germany prior to the war, or that this American was not the only source of U.S. dollars to flow into Germany prior to the onset of War . . .
Yeah the one and only Prescott Bush, profited from involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.
Ya know, I'm tempted to throw a tantrum just because really, this is in it's own way, inexcusable. I mean, hey, the man was a drunk. One who made amends, far greater amends than, say, you ever will for the errors and mistakes and hurt that you have ever caused in your life.

but hey. The reality is that the pic and comment goes to show what an utter asshole you really are, I mean, really.


yet rather than to consider whether, or to what degree, the blood of Ms. Kopechne may be attributable to a chain of events spanning the course of a decade, and that include a quiet yet bloody dispute regarding American policy and our conduct of the Cold War,


you remain content to point fingers, snigger and chortle at the specter of shame and yes, even death - and why? Simply because your well worn blanket of ignorance provides comfort in the face of a life over which you have little control?
Again, I fail to see your point. Unless perhaps it is simply that you feel, having served the nation, you are entitled to parade a litany of dirty laundry while a family is in mourning, and do so with no other purpose than the gratification of some sick and sadistic urge to gawk and to snigger at tragedy; as if the stains of filth would not attain to your own wanton and grasping hands.

You are a fool, sir. Childish, mean spirited, and cruel. And I think you have made that point abundantly clear.

thanks for the clarity.




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