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Folks---I just went through the entireist of groups, and I astonishly discovered that there are no groups dedicated to sports!! There are a couple of group dedicated to sports activities like running and fishing--but nothing dedicated to all things sports!
So I am wondering if I was to start a sports group here on TBD, (And I am talking a sport group that would talk about all type of sports from professional sports all the way down to the sports u try to teach kids in your back yard), would you be willing to join the group and participate in the group?? I really don't want to do a group that ends up like apparently %80 of the groups seem to do where they start on one day, and by the end of the week they are done. So--how about a show of hands?? Wanna play ball with me?

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Whats a Wii?? Sounds like a personal short coming.
Take alook in the Electronics Dept in any store Target, Walmart, etc.
I just got the Wii fit, will be playing those games in the near future.
z100, You'll love it. I had my left hip replaed last Nov and got my Wii and Wii fit in Jan. I love it. I took it with me when I went to visit relatives. Adults and teen agers. They went out and bought one shortly afterwards. Let me know how it works out for you.




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