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So Kahleb Sheik Mohammed (God I hope its ok to say the 'M' word...) and his buddies are being tried in NYC for their alleged roles in 9/11. This places a great burden on small businesses in NYC, since areas will be closed for security reasons, shops will be inaccessable. Furthermore, it gives these enemy combatants constitutional rights...which some people have problems with, I dont really understand why, but anyhow. Furthermore, it gives them a world stage to voice their 'difficulties' with us Americans, something many thing goes way to far when it comes to catering to enemy combatants.

On the otherhand, trying these folks in Federal court will show the world that at least part of our justice system is humane (even though failure is not an option, etc, etc.) What are your feelings about this? Do you give a damn? And hell, if there going to tie up the traffic in NYC, cant they at least televise these proceedings? They're going to cost us taxpayers a fortune anyway....?

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AMEN, Have_ A_ Heart. I totally agree with you.
I saw this video yesterday and Holder looked like a stammering 3rd grader. We have never tried war criminals in US Courts. They have always been tried by the military tribunal. This trail is only to satisfy the lefties.
You call this destroied. This is a republican making republican points. Giving an criminal a fair trial is the right thing to do. In addition Graham is a former military judge advocate with a biased viewpoint.
In this country--if they plead guilty--they go straight to jail. What the point of wasting money--we supposedly do not have as a country????
Ummmm, I don't believe he's plead guilty in a Court of Law. He hasn't been before the court yet, so there is still the possibility that he will plead guilty again.
Yes I did.
I do not believe I have ever seen a declaration of war as the constitution requires from Congress.
These people are TERRORIST!
So--terrorize them then--Put them on a remote control plane--make that plane fly toward an ocean--and keep them guessing how long they got left to live.--If that is an honor to them---hey---I am all for them having a smile on their face when they are face to face with Satan!
I like fair trials....if there can be such things
I am so sorry for your loss!
Take them down to where the Twin Towers used to stand, where over 2,000 innocent Americans died and TERRORIZE them as they did to our country.




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