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So Kahleb Sheik Mohammed (God I hope its ok to say the 'M' word...) and his buddies are being tried in NYC for their alleged roles in 9/11. This places a great burden on small businesses in NYC, since areas will be closed for security reasons, shops will be inaccessable. Furthermore, it gives these enemy combatants constitutional rights...which some people have problems with, I dont really understand why, but anyhow. Furthermore, it gives them a world stage to voice their 'difficulties' with us Americans, something many thing goes way to far when it comes to catering to enemy combatants.

On the otherhand, trying these folks in Federal court will show the world that at least part of our justice system is humane (even though failure is not an option, etc, etc.) What are your feelings about this? Do you give a damn? And hell, if there going to tie up the traffic in NYC, cant they at least televise these proceedings? They're going to cost us taxpayers a fortune anyway....?

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Get a rope!
I think a public trial, with all its cost and inconvenience for the those around the federal court house in lower Manhattan, are worth it in PR to the rest of the world. This is how the USA does justice. In many places they would not have left prison or even made it to prison.
I agree with this.
I think puting him on trial should have been done a long time ago. This is after all America. Under our system of law, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. And the Death Penalty should be on the table. But something to think about is; to him Death may be the honorable thing. Maybe life imprisonment with his left hand cut off at the elbow would be better punishment.
I agree with this too. The trial has taken way too long!
We should of tried all the prisoners we accumulated during world war two and brought them to trial in the same manner.
At least these people had uniforms.
Silly Crap.
Silly, until you consider that this is the communications era. Back in WW2, the newspapers were our major source of current events. Now its BBC, CNN. To show that we have confidence in our justice sytem and are willing to display that confidence before the worlds most oppressive regimes may be nothing to sneeze at. (Achoo...mothballls....)
Kill them and save the taxpayers some money.
Or put them in circus cages, let them tour the country and charge an admission fee to 'see' them. Extraif you want to throw a tomato or an electric charge, Make taxpayers some money!
Will the defendant lawyers be Americans? And if yes---will they do it because they really believe their 'clients' to be innocent, or would this be a golden opportunity for fame and fortune for them?
75 million for security, can you believe that? These guys have already plead guilty. This is to put the Bush Administration and the CIA on trail. I can't believe what this administration is doing.
If they pleaded guilty--then there shouldn't be a trial...put them all on a plane and remote control the plane into the nearest ocean!

I am sorry---These people killed 3 friends of mine---I have no tolerance for them!




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