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And expect the same treatment in return!!

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Agreed Sandy. I can tolerate the occassional goof-up.
Larry Kremis! Here you go again...startin' somethin'...remember the old TBD and the last time you played with fire...
I must be the only one that didn't grow up in a Donna Reed Show or Ozzie and Harriet Show home!
I've been married almost 32 yrs. We respect each other, we are around each other almost all the time. He works out of the home and I help him. We've owned business' together, had to handle prolbems with employees, business partners, all sorts of issues. All while raising kids.
My parents raised 6 of us. They loved each other, far from perfect. There is alot of talk about respect on here lately, like oh, the world used to be...well the world never was.
A teacher could stick a student in a corner if they were out of line. They could have you move your whole desk out in the hall, a gym teacher could make you put gum on your nose if you chewed it in class, if it fell off, you picked it up and put it back on. One girl this was done to...we were outside, the gum got full of dirt and grass, didn't matter, the whole class, she had to keep doing it.
A bus driver kicked a kid off the school bus, miles from home, why, because the kid was throwing stuff and being loud, the roads were country roads and the bus driver didn't want to kill us by being distracted. He warned the kid 3 times before he made him get off.
There are many things that have gone on behind closed doors of homes that look perfect on the outside, but pure hell on the inside.
Manners is the last thing I'd worry about
Marjorie Farrington wrote: There is alot of talk about respect on here lately, like oh, the world used to be...well the world never was.

There's no Internet acronym for this yet...LOL is too mild...ROFLMAO is close but no cigar...maybe it's something more like TBT...truth be told...I don't know...but, Marge-Marjorie-BRU nailed it!
And another thing...I didn't grow up on the Donna Reed or Ozzie and Harriet show, either...my grandparents were cold and my mom was alcoholic...which led to lots of traumatic nights where my mom would come home "bombed" and my grandparents would start a big fight with her and I was the five-year-old referee. I would go to school the next day (kindergarten or first grade - not sure which) and feel like nobody could know what went on. Everyone else had a normal life and I was the weirdo. Kids! We sure had some strange ideas back then, huh?
Yep and the thing is, this still goes on.
They should make a cute, cuddly little cartoon with green grass and blue skies and big, fluffy white clouds about alcoholic parents and such. Wouldn't it be awesome?
A perfect world, they could call it "Same as it Never Was"
Actually, I was tired and meant to type "Same as it Always was"
The outside could be as you describe, and then the gates to hell open once the you walk thru the front door!
I remember the old tbd Wylde. It's how you became my friend. You were my fire extinguisher. Or were you the gasoline?
tOO MANY OF MY POSTS ARE NOT SHOWING UP WHERE THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO. This could get me into a lot of trouble.
Life is full of so many shoulds




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