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And expect the same treatment in return!!

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Agreed Sandy. I can tolerate the occassional goof-up.
Larry Kremis! Here you go again...startin' somethin'...remember the old TBD and the last time you played with fire...
Marjorie Farrington wrote: There is alot of talk about respect on here lately, like oh, the world used to be...well the world never was.

There's no Internet acronym for this yet...LOL is too mild...ROFLMAO is close but no cigar...maybe it's something more like TBT...truth be told...I don't know...but, Marge-Marjorie-BRU nailed it!
And another thing...I didn't grow up on the Donna Reed or Ozzie and Harriet show, either...my grandparents were cold and my mom was alcoholic...which led to lots of traumatic nights where my mom would come home "bombed" and my grandparents would start a big fight with her and I was the five-year-old referee. I would go to school the next day (kindergarten or first grade - not sure which) and feel like nobody could know what went on. Everyone else had a normal life and I was the weirdo. Kids! We sure had some strange ideas back then, huh?
They should make a cute, cuddly little cartoon with green grass and blue skies and big, fluffy white clouds about alcoholic parents and such. Wouldn't it be awesome?
I remember the old tbd Wylde. It's how you became my friend. You were my fire extinguisher. Or were you the gasoline?
tOO MANY OF MY POSTS ARE NOT SHOWING UP WHERE THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO. This could get me into a lot of trouble.
I myself find most people to be respectful of each other. But then I choose to be around people who are civilized and act respectfully otherwise I go on my way :) I have NO tolerance for rude people!
Marjorie, your son-in-law is a prime example that kids can become fine adults, even when raised in a dysfunctional home. I also believe that he's an exception to the rule. One's upbringing sure has a lot of influence on what kind of man or woman they become.

Kudos to your son-in-law, 1GL and Wylde for overcoming.
As Dr. Laura Slesinger says: "We all have 2 chances at a good parent/child relationship, first as children and second as parents. You took advantage of the second chance Marjorie. Kudos.
Women should treat men with respect and expect the same treatment in return. Larry, I hope you don't mind if I change the wording a wee bit. The truth is, when we speak of someone as being mine or theirs, then we do convey a sense of ownership. While not really what most people really want to say, or even mean, which is what I believe Wanda the Faye means to say. Yet, I know people who are deeply in like or love they will say things like Mine in order to keep others at bay, or perhaps to warn them away. And now that I've stated the obvious, which is that one does not own the other, but merely share time with each other----until they don't any longer. (smiling) Wayne
Coming in a bit late on this one, but I think humans should treat each other with respect and kindness - regardless of gender. I also think that this respect and kindness should be extended to the other creatures with whom we share the planet. After all, it's been said that one can tell how civilized a culture is by how it treats its animals.

On another note: Like 1GreatLady, Marge, and Wylde and likely many others here on TBD, I grew up in an alcoholic and wildly dysfunctional family. When things were great, they were REALLY great, but when things were bad, well, they were an Ingmar Bergman movie. Always had to act normal to the outside world when things were awful inside the home and inside me. When I was young, I swore I'd never treat anyone the way my parents treated each other and my brother and me. I probably had no respect for myself as a young adult, but I always treated others nicely.

As an 40+ woman, I now understand what it means to respect yourself and the world around you. You'll never respect anything until you respect yourself. Years of therapy and relationship disasters, but I think I've finally got it. :)




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