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On the Aug. 5, 6, & 7 A Moosee's Crossing Meetup was held near Pittsburgh, PA.

A great time was had by the attendees.  The Group is open to anyone who wants to join.

I met four tbd members face to face for the first time. These were 1 Great Lady, Stillgoing, belle, and LJ. 

Here are some pictures.  


Sleeping Beauty

RRC, & Cat. LJ in background and Debi's back.

Debi and Goldilocks giving instructions on how to sleep on a blanket.




Moosee and Debi Abel

More pics will follow.

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                                                                   THE MOOSERS

L to R, F to B


George, Goldilocks, Charg, 1 Great Lady, belle,

Larry, Kittycat, Stillgoing, NASCAR girl, Doug(CyberDoug), Long Kayak(LK), Odee

Ruby Red Crystal(RRC), Moosie, Cat, Debi Abel, Steve(Cowboy)

                               Charg friend TOM took the picture.

                                           LJ had already left. 

:-)  Nice group photo!  I'll be there were some great laughs all around.  Video?

                                                        More Pics

The girls practicing for the big contest.

The guys not believing they are going to do this.

Sheer concentration

Moosie giving 1GL pointers

The Winners, Moosie and Cat.


The fishing Dock.


Larry, Kittycat and Mossie

Hey Kooner!  You know me.
Sorry to say, this was on the same weekend as the Polyester Boys' annual summer visit to my place.
Thanks LJ, Enjoyed meeting you.

Looks like a good time was had by all!


Is Larry wearing sneakers with laces? Say it ain't so...

It was a fabulous time....I can't explain how wonderful it was to meet these folks..they are just a wonderful and sweet as I thought they would be.
Right back at you RRC.
I would have liked to go, but just couldn't swing the finances.
Yeah, looks like a wonderful time, but I'm on the west coast. Hubby is from Johnstown, and we lived there awhile (40 long years ago), and also in South Fork, whose dam caused the Johnstown flood.




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