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Where do you live? Why? Were you born there? Did you move after college or after meeting someone wonderful? Did you move to take a job? Do you like where you live? Would you move if you could? Why can't you?

I think it would be fun to know why we live where we do.

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I just moved about 400 miles north.
I don’t know anyone in my home town anymore.
If you’re not a logger, then you have to leave.
They even shut down the woods to logging.
I was raised on an island in Maine. I now live in Bumfuck, Kansas (named after Bumfuck, Egypt, but more remote). I moved because I was transferred here by my job. I stay here because I was stupid enough to marry my ex-wife and have four kids with her. Don't get me wrong. My kids are now my reason for being and the reason I stay in this God forsaken place. But as soon as my youngest graduates from high school, I'm out of here. Back to my beloved Peaks Island to grow old.
Because the judge sent me here, only joking lol
Northeast, OH. 1 mile from where I grew up. All of our children and most of our family live within 20 min driving time. Love it. It's centrally located to all major cities. Everything is within 15 min. driving time. Beautiful woods behind our home. Why on earth would I want to leave?
You;ll leave if you're told. :-)
So you think you can make me, HUH???? Not in a million years....Well, maybe you can if the inducement is juuust right. lol

Hey 1GL...Hold on to him real tight while I __________ (You can fill in the gap!!)
Because thats where my house is!!!
southeastern connecticut, born and raised, I like it here but am considering moving south in a few years
I live within half an hour from where I was born and raised. I stayed in the area because I have a large, extended family. Love took me across the state line from Pa. to Oh. I like the changing seasons. I may move to warmer climate someday, it remains to be seen.
I got a job here
My father was career Navy, so we came through Great Lakes Naval Base several times. We moved back here from Ethiopia in 1975, and he retired here in 1977. I joined a church here when I was fifteen... met the man I was going to marry in that church, and then graduated from high school with him. We lived in St. Louis for seven years after we got married, but when we got the opportunity to move back, we did.

I love where I live. I'm right on Lake Michigan, about halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee. It's cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. My mother is two blocks away, my in-laws about six blocks, and we all still go to the same church. My son graduated from the same high school his parents did.

Love the midwest. LOVE it.




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