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Where do you live? Why? Were you born there? Did you move after college or after meeting someone wonderful? Did you move to take a job? Do you like where you live? Would you move if you could? Why can't you?

I think it would be fun to know why we live where we do.

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I relate to that. I was born and raised in South Carolina. Mel, You did not honor your state. I love ya'll and grits. Nothing like it. My body left when I was in my early 20's when I married a military man. Moved around lots, and finally settled in Virgina. I have lived in the same house for over 20 years now and I am an hour out of DC, and in a very nice city. I still have those Southern roots. Family all over the place down there. Mom left me some land last year. Get cold up here in the winter. Might head down there one day.
MellyMel you saved me a lot of writing. Those are the reasons I live where I live also.
I was born here, moved away, then moved back when I had kids. It's a great place to raise a family. Open spaces, beach, but also easy to get into the city for culture and recreation. It's lovely here for about three months. I would love to live somewhere warmer, but my family is here right now. Maybe when I grow up.
Let's see...grew up in Park Ridge, IL outside Chicago, outside Detroit, suburbs of Columbus OH and a bit east of NYC on Long Island. School southeast Iowa, St. Petersburg,FL and Atlanta. Jobs some of the preceding places and got transferred to southern California 20+ years ago. Not going any where as long as I can afford it here.
Because it is close to my driveway.
Born and raised in Naperville IL; moved to California for one of those 15 year marriages; moved back "home" to be closer to brother and parents after deeevorce. So I live outside of Naperville IL again, but I stay for the family and trees. And I have rebuilt my life here.
Hugs Suzan. You are such a beautiful person.
I live in a small town in Central Minnesota, Monticello named for a little mountain, actually a hill, and not after Jeffersons Estate. They are even pronounced differently, as I was told when I visited his estate.
Why here? My family has been in Minnesota since 1866, but Monticello only in the last 13 years. My wife and I both were layed off at the same time so we sold our 4bedroom home and downsized. We had 3 townhomes picked out, and when our house sold with a three week move in date the only option became the third choice which was brand new and empty but 40 miles away from our granddaughter.
I was born and raised here in Raleigh, N.C. and live about a mile from my childhood home. I have lived in Syracuse, N.Y.; Gastonia, N.C., and "The People's Republic" of Chapel Hill, N.C. but no matter what/where, I have always returned home because it is the most comfortable and familiar.

We have a vibrant music scene, good schools and universities (UNC sucks! Go State!). We have a great landscape from the mountains to the coast. Despite the backward, toothless, shoeless, hick stereotypes placed upon the South by Northern and Western liberals, we are far more culturally diverse than most people think.

What makes this place special to me is the ease with which living comes in addition to childhood memories and the friends and family still here.
Reply by DJ on July 22, 2009 at 11:25pm
I was raised on an island in Maine. I now live in Bumfuck, Kansas (named after Bumfuck, Egypt, but more remote). I moved because I was transferred here by my job. .............. I stay in this God forsaken place. But as soon as my youngest graduates from high school, I'm out of here.

I live have lived in Kansas my whole life.......never heard of Bumfuck, I will have to ask DJ where it is...LOL
I live almost an hour from where I grew up, I moved here for my job then stayed after I got married. I like living here, I just let my 12 year old take off on his bike with a friend and he won't be home until supper. I don't have to worry about where he is or what he is doing because if he gets into mischief someone will tell me. One of the benefits of living in a small town. I love living in Kansas, you can see in any direction for miles, I can watch a thunderstorm build hours before it ever gets close, you can see both the sunrise and sunset. Looking across a field of ripe wheat as it waves in the wind is something that cannot be described it has to be seen to appreciate.
The only other place I would go is our vacation home in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I get the same sense of peace there, that is the reason we found the place.

I do have to laugh at the sweet tea comments, I had a lady tell me that is how the Czech's drink tea. They sweeten the whole pitcher and I, coming from Czech descent, said yes, that is how I was raised. Now I find out I am southern too. LOL
Well, Obviously, somebody around here is dumb enough to give me unsupervised access to an entire radio station. Can't find a deal like that just anywhere, ya know...

Okay. I was born here in Springfield, Il, and the Board of Directors of the hospital I arrived at immediately began a massive reorganization that still hasn't been finished yet. (They'll never get rid of the smell completely. Hah.) Proof Positive of what kind of impact the right person and their reputation can have on the corporate mindset.

I have continued to live here for no really good reason that I can think of. I came within an eyelash of moving to SoCal in the late 70's, bvut the promised job fizzled out at the last second. My fiancee and I are on the fence about moving elsewhere after we retire. The pros and the cons are so evenly matched that we can't make a decision just yet, and new factors seem to pop up on an almost weekly basis. Hell, part of the indecision is figuring out where we'd move to - There are so many places we've visited to which we'd love to relocate, that we can't even choose one of those just yet. Seattle, the Great Smokies in Eastern Tennessee, Savannah, Austin ....
When I moved here 9 years ago, I told my self. Like it or not I will my best to make it home. I am not a beach person, I do not tan, I can't even swim. yes I do like the warm weather, but I do prefer the 4 seasons instead one and half./ You know Summer and cool down for a week in a year. /
So why I am still here, you would ask; Because of the people, because of their smiles and strength and courage. Because of their hospitality and open hearts. Because of my friends.
I am a foreigner and always will be, people here make me feel welcome...




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