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Curiosity has me asking this question since my eyes happened to glance on the DVD  Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? So why did any of you get married or want to get married?



Out of pure curiosity, did any of you who are/were married ask your spouse why they married you? What was the response given?


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I got married because I finally met the man I wanted to marry, who wanted to marry me.    :-)
I fell off a turnip truck and landed on my head.
We were hs sweethearts - honest-to-God - and we are still married,t and boy (!) what a bumpy ride!  DH likes to say that "I was consumed by lust, and she wanted to get away from her mother," when asked for the reason and there is some truth to that.
Love, it's as simple as that... :)
I wonder if answers to the question 'Why did you get re-married?' would be similar...

If I remarry it won't be for a license to have sex...that's all I have to say.

He also better be making more money than I do preferably above the 100K bracket

if we are to live in NY. I refuse to go down the path of poverty again. I'd rather

be alone than poor.

I have no problem being poor.  I had money once and was miserable.  I got nothing in the divorce.  Today I have a small house and not much else.  It is bliss.  My husband would never have been happy if our married life was like this.  The irony is that he is now bankrupt.

Faye, it was VERY hard being poor with 2 little children to support...the constant worry how to make ends meet gets to a person over time. I wanted my kids to have the stability and luxuries my parents gave me as a child. I was one of the lucky ones to have both abundant love and a comfortable lifestyle while growing up.


I would never marry a sugar daddy simply because I cannot walk into a relationship based on monetary rewards. I can support myself nicely now and would prefer to be alone rather than with a rich jerk or someone who would ask me to take a step down from my current lifestyle. I live in a very nice area in an ideal neighborhood.

I didn’t marry. I’m not sure why. Bad timing?? Bad decisions? Lifestyle choices?

Me and my little friends never played “wedding”. I don’t remember dreaming about or talking about “when I get married”.

I was engaged twice…three months into my engagement with Danny I realized that Danny just wanted to be married. I wanted someone that wanted to marry ME.

I'm okay about it, I have a really good life.

Because she said yes when I asked her.

The first time, because I was tired of being single. And Horny, And thought I was in love.

The second time, Because i was tired of being single. and we both were Horney. Both had been married before and we were in love. It worked pretty well for about 35 years, Raised two sons. Then after our parents died, our sons were grown, I was retired, we just kind of grew apart. Still friends, but can't live together. Do enjoy female company but, doubt if I get married again.

I took my new bride to meet my mother.
She said where did you find that squeaky voiced bi*ch all she wants is OUR family money.
I knew I was in trouble and it turned out to be all true.
You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
Her and her parents were Pure white trash.




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