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Who's smarter, Christian radicals, Muslim radicals or Athiest radicals?

I'm curious.

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Interesting thought Alendar
Joella, well said. I'm glad you came in to say your piece.

This is by no means a religious discussion, I think... rather a philosophical one. Trying to find a way to resolve the conflicting ideas around us, whether politicial, social, religious, is a personal voyage. We can't really go far by hitching a ride on someone else's boat...unless we want to accept them as the captain. I'm happier on my little homemade raft where I am responsible for what goes on.
My opinion also Quinn.
Belief's are like a fart - you can only stand your own.
Damn, how did I miss that one, a lot of those Christian chicks are really flexible between the say and do thing.
From someone who was forced to take Latin, radical comes from the Latin word radix, meaning "root". Hence a radical is someone who prefers to get to the root of the problem, rather than meander around the periphery.
WEll, I'd say that sure sounds pretty radical . . .




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