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Who's smarter, Christian radicals, Muslim radicals or Athiest radicals?

I'm curious.

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The worst thing people do with knowledge, is never gaining the wisdom to use it.
Larry Fine
Curly Howard
Curly Fries
Moe Howard
I'd say Atheist radicals are smarter than Christian radicals. And Muslim radicals are just plain dumb. Der!
I suppose you're basing this on willingness to get yourself blown up for your cause...
I'm completely willing to be blown up if it makes someone feel a little bit better about themselves.
What a giving person. I'm not, not just for that.
Nobody could have said it better Joella. Kudos! Yes, I was kidding, sort of. I don't believe there's an ounce of intelligence, or maybe I should say common sense, in any radical. Yes, there is comfort and a sense of belonging to be found in any given belief system.
I suspect that a society without some radicals would cease to grow. I use radical in the sense of a person willing to push past the rules of his particular group when they pursue the essence of the underlying belief.

All groups stagnate under their self-constructed bureaucratic tuning. It is in the outliers that marked change comes from, not the center.




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