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It's Friday.

Chucks is gone and so is his Q&A Group. As JayLee feared so are the Vibes. Since there is no Question and answer group there appears to be no check in.


So Let's do it over here. It's the start of the weekend! Time to have fun.


There is all kinds of bad news.

1. Looks like tbd is splintering.

2. After two days the TBD Stalwarts has only 7 members.

3. The Stock Market tanked yesterday.

4. The end of the world is near.

5. The Zombies are still here


Everybody check in and give me some good news.


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I'm here.
Goldi, are you applying for Quinn's position?
Why? Am I fired?
You still here?


Got a problem with that?



I'll have Bob's people reply to that.

I am here.

Tuesday i will be here more.

kentuckey Derby was a riders race as all the horses were evenly matched, no big standouts.

In a week is the preakness.

I unloaded 30 bales of  hay and stacked them, big bales, . I thought that was good for a fat old lady.

I am back. I am too pooped to poop.

But I will kick myself in the ass to do the Elliptical  tonight.


The girls at  work are 21-26. Always sleepy, tired , grumpy in a bad mood/

jeeze laweeze what are they  gonna be like when they are my age???

I am here. 

Enjoy your day, all!

I am here..and I can officially say I can see you just fine. Eye doc says so....LOL


Congrats on the eye appt., RRC.

I'm still here. Really, really, really tired, but still here.

Did the 4 1/2 servings of potato chips energize you?




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