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It's Friday.

Chucks is gone and so is his Q&A Group. As JayLee feared so are the Vibes. Since there is no Question and answer group there appears to be no check in.


So Let's do it over here. It's the start of the weekend! Time to have fun.


There is all kinds of bad news.

1. Looks like tbd is splintering.

2. After two days the TBD Stalwarts has only 7 members.

3. The Stock Market tanked yesterday.

4. The end of the world is near.

5. The Zombies are still here


Everybody check in and give me some good news.


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Hi everybody--here is the Blonde one again!!!


Geez, that might make a good line in a song.  What?  Its already been written, you say?

I feel compeled to report at this time that I didn't check in yesterday.

There, I feel a lot better now.

Just like a bad penny.....:->

I've been on a special mission in CityVille that's taking up a lot of my time.

Oh, and then there's the job....the real life job, that is.  Its back to THAT again tomorrow....three days this week.

I'm still here.

Hi, BethD!  A late happy birthday to Mrs. Pennypacker!

Happy says "Happy Birthday" to the old lady. He's not quite 7 yet.
Is that dog or people years?
so, he could post on TBD...
*hehehehe...dyin' here...can you hear the gales of laughter.....?!!!!*

yep, I think you can, Joella. '-)

I'm still here. 

So? Do we now refer to you as Boss Mam Or that B***h in charge?




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