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It's Friday.

Chucks is gone and so is his Q&A Group. As JayLee feared so are the Vibes. Since there is no Question and answer group there appears to be no check in.


So Let's do it over here. It's the start of the weekend! Time to have fun.


There is all kinds of bad news.

1. Looks like tbd is splintering.

2. After two days the TBD Stalwarts has only 7 members.

3. The Stock Market tanked yesterday.

4. The end of the world is near.

5. The Zombies are still here


Everybody check in and give me some good news.


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Hahaha. Nah, I just get to the point with my wannabe guido self. I am pretty good Quinn. I start driving school tomorrow!! Yippee. 41 and finally got my learners permit back in Sept. Here in Utah though, if you have never had a DL you have to go to a certified school and pay $$$$ to do it. Such BS, I've been driving illegally for 25 years for shit's sake. Totally not worried about it or nervous either. How's Lucy doing? That is puppy dogs name isn't it? Good to see you Q.

I am deep like that.


Wow - 41 & never had a driver's license? There's got to be an interesting story attached to that.

Dish, J Lee!

I have always lived in the city, could depend on mass transit. Out here I have my bikes. I work in retail and if I am going to take on training responsibilities I am going to have to travel. Not just here in SLC but in a multiple state district. Rental car companies like to have a DL for some odd screwy reason.Ha! I need a DL(drivers license) to be a DL(district leader).

Thanks for elaborating! Well, I think it's great you're getting your first DL @ 41. That's a rare thing!

In our ancestor's generations, it wasn't so unusual for women not to have DLs. I had a great aunt who lived to be 83 & never drove. AND she was single & lived alone for her last 40+ years, w/out an S.O. to drive her places!

My MIL was widowed @63.   Husband did all the driving.  She went to Sears driving school and got her first DL @ 64.  She drove for 15yrs  and avoided turning left the entire time.  No kidding.

yeah, come on, Bob... what were you gonna say?


...you KNOW there's no pill for a d's fix btw. what were you thinkin'?! ;-p


I've already forgot what I was going to say....probably just as well though.  :=)

Well, here I've already burned one whole day of my three day weekend.  You might know, almost the end of March, and I shoveled snow...a lot of snow, out of my driveway.  No chest pains...thats a good thing...right?

This morning I broke the routine....I went down to the local casino for breakfast.  It was the normal Friday buffet, but even worse than usual.  I wasn't surprised...whaddya expect for five bucks, eh?  I ran into three retirees from my little town, and joined them at their table.  I really like jawing with old(er) guys...its probably good training for when (or if) I get to that point.

Oh yeah, I also brought along twenty bone to leave as an offering to the casino gods, which they indifferently accepted.

if and when you get there let me know how it feels.
Who's going where Bob?
Stir was ruminating about getting old/older.




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