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It's Friday.

Chucks is gone and so is his Q&A Group. As JayLee feared so are the Vibes. Since there is no Question and answer group there appears to be no check in.


So Let's do it over here. It's the start of the weekend! Time to have fun.


There is all kinds of bad news.

1. Looks like tbd is splintering.

2. After two days the TBD Stalwarts has only 7 members.

3. The Stock Market tanked yesterday.

4. The end of the world is near.

5. The Zombies are still here


Everybody check in and give me some good news.


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Good to see you!
Hi, Goldi! Hugs to you and George!
Hi Chez,
It's good to see you back!
How was the mushroom crop this year?
We already had snow here last week and had to stay home from work two days because of it. This week we went to REI and my daughter got me crampons for the next time it snows--and it will! I told her to wrap them up and if it doesn't snow before Christmas, I'll have another present to open then.

I'm here at the Wall of Gratitude pretty much every day and I don't think I can quit easily. We have a nice group of regulars there and we all like each other pretty well. I can't spend a lot of time playing online these days since I'm getting ready for the BIG CRUISE after New Year, and so I have to have my life more organized than ever I usually do. And then there's sleep~~~

Now that I know you're back, I'll be in better touch.

See ya!
I am.
Hi, Vernon, good to see you. Hope you're keeping well.

Baia, a cruise, how exciting - where will you go? I'm glad to know you're still around and doing well. Be careful on the slippery stuff!

It was a much better year for mushrooms, and even at our last meeting, on the 22nd, we had 60 varieties. I cooked a giant puffball for the first time - delicious!

Still standing. Good to see you too.
I am still here.
I like portabella mushrooms.

Chez, Do you grow the 'shrunes that make people shrune out?
Send me some!
I LOVE puffballs....they can be prevalent..depending which way the wind blows! I have sliced/fried w/butter...sliced, floured , fried w/butter....all ways delish.
..As is seeing you here...a breath of very fresh air...:-)
Hi, Beth! You naughty kitty, of course I don't! Seriously, there are just too many health risks to fooling around with mushrooms; I can't recommend it. You can damage your kidneys or liver and not even realize it. Rather see folks grow some weeds.

Jaylee, it's good to be back! Aren't they yummy? I had one big as a soccer ball, so I now have a good supply in the freezer, all sautéed and ready to use. It was a good year for Porcini, too.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥......(((((hugs)))) to Chez and DD...two wonderful women.
You too BA and Goldi.....! Getting crowded!!

Jeez...while I'm at it...to those two guys who keep showing up...!
((((hugs)))) to you, too, Jaylee!
Good to see you again, Chez.




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