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I live in an RV. I try to stay where it's not too hot, but not too cold. I've lived many places during my lifetime. Now I'm searching for the perfect place. Many factors inter into the search. Climate, people I like/love etc. people I don't like, availability of interesting things to do, afordability, place for dog to play, and on and on, would you go on the search for the perfect picnic place if you could? What would you look for? Have you already found it? Is anyone out there satisfied?

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Hi..go to California no snow and the weather is always beautiful up Norh Coast Line.

This is my Paradise ....Mendocino.
Reliance, Tennessee, One of my favorite places. I'll have my tent pitched on the riverbank, kayak in the water, fly rod in hand next Friday.
I haven't checked it out yet but I'm thinking Northern Arizona might be decent. Its high so its not as hot as the desert and it has some season changes and there is lots of open land.
Vanuatu. Hut on the beach. High tide rises and dinner rolls in. Low tide and out rolls the trash. No cleaning, no shopping, maybe a little teaching. Oh, and no visitors, either. Mother Sanity




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