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I live in an RV. I try to stay where it's not too hot, but not too cold. I've lived many places during my lifetime. Now I'm searching for the perfect place. Many factors inter into the search. Climate, people I like/love etc. people I don't like, availability of interesting things to do, afordability, place for dog to play, and on and on, would you go on the search for the perfect picnic place if you could? What would you look for? Have you already found it? Is anyone out there satisfied?

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Go West!
If I could go on a search for that place I sure would. I thought I was there once, and left. It was the closest to heaven for me, just the right number of people, I lived in the country on an acre of land. The scenery was beautiful, it was in Utah. I really felt connected to that place. The only other place that came close to that is a small town on the northern coast of California. I would go there in a heartbeat. I think that no matter where we would end up, we would still think of one place we can never forget..

They don't have tractors and Blue Bell ice cream like the Washington County Fair.
That's really funny Lynda
We looked and found it... I love it here, in theTouraine. The climate is neither too hot nor too cold, all the amenities: wines and cheese, history and architecture, and close enough to Paris to take the train for a 9:30 meeting.

I don't have any pics of my house in the computer, but this is a friend's house.

Again not my house, but the fireplace and beams and the arrangement with the doorway to the kitchen are almost the same...

And this is a flea market I went to with friends last year...

But as Anthony says, you never know what life will bring you.

We could all live here together....how sweet would that be?
Western Washington State, temperate climate, range of 45* Winter to 80* in the Summer.

Have room for one more?
Oh, I've always loved that 'trailer condo' pic! That's sort of how it feels here, isn't it, Jaylee?
Hey, that's the condos, down the road!
Gotta love Alabama.
I am firmly committed to being in Chicago for the next two years, but after that anything could happen. I'd really like to be somewhere that doesn't regularly get in the below zero temperature range. February wind whipping tiny ice balls at your face is just not civilized.
who cares about 1 -19 as long as there are a lot of 20's :)




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