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I was just thinking about jobs that people get into because their first (and maybe second and third..) choice didn't work out.


I can't imagine a teenager saying they want to graduate high school and work toward becoming a stripper.


Or a police sketch artist.


What other jobs would you not want to grow up to be?

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a cowboy--oh I love cowboys--oh well, Next
Army Kitchen Police.
Towel boy at the "Chicken Ranch".
I wanted to play for the Chicago Cubs as a child.
Now that I'm old, I think they should still hire me to play left field. I'll play hard for a 5 year contract for cheap even. I'll do it for 5 million. I'll play my heart out, and the Cubs will still not win the world series. They could save themselves some money here.
I don't want to groow up and be a flatulence analyst.
Which one would be worse, analyzing flatulence, or 1 Great's analyzing armpits. Tough call there.
I have a feeling that the ones who do have an interest in dead stuff grow up to be something scarier.
I've always thought that I should be a Taxidermest as well as a Veterinarain. Either way you get the dog back.
A pan handler, that's it, I wanna be a pan handler and beg for change on the street corner.
flea circus trainer
Ooh, I'm itchy just thinking about it.

How about crime scene clean-up.
*Call in Jules and Vincent*




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