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I was just thinking about jobs that people get into because their first (and maybe second and third..) choice didn't work out.


I can't imagine a teenager saying they want to graduate high school and work toward becoming a stripper.


Or a police sketch artist.


What other jobs would you not want to grow up to be?

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eeeeeewwwwww!!!! TBubba, me either!!!

Chicken plucker?
*Mmmmm...not even at Hooters, KC?*

Chicken plucker
Director of human resources at Hooters.
I wonder what the male version of Hooters would be like.
Chippendales? Oh, yeah, no food.
Just plenty of raw meat. (Uh oh. Am I going to get censored for that?)
Here you go Kate, Your server is on break right now, but he should be able to take your order as soon as he finishes that beer.

Great minds, Tee!

The one who inserts the pop-out thingies in the Butterballs?
I don't want to pump out those Porta Potties either.
That would be a bad one. Or the person who scrapes the roadkill off the road.
The janitor.




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