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I asked a friend this question, and she asked it back, and I thought it might be great to hear everyone else's answer. Mine was running through the rain with my guy. We needed that. How about you?

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oo, that's not dignified! heehee!
You are an over achiever.
I went to a baseball game that was rained out and was forced to go and drink beer instead.
Stopping at every rest area in Iowa to photograph wildflowers...I'm kind of weird...
I saw that comment in my photo's SDL. Going to be checking out your pix :-) Safe travels.
went to a giant guitar center with my rocker son to buy a new amp and distortion pedal.... Oy do I have a headache!!!
I went shopping and bought my granddaughter the cutest little pink tennis shoes...are they still called tennis shoes ...or something else now? ...oh, well...you know what I mean...have you ever seen tennis shoes for an infant...she is five months old...and I know they will be too big for her ...but she will be able to wear them in a few months...the shoes are the cutest little things ever!! They are pink and silver with a black reinforced toe...New Balance brand...and they are just the cutest...and when I saw those shoes...I thought...those shoes would look perfect on my little granddaughter. And one thing I can say for my daughter-in-law is she always has my granddaughter dressed in the cutest little outfits ever! I cant wait until she gets older and we can go shopping together.
Try Aleve or flesh colored ear plugs....or both.
Shaved a Yeti, I need a life
I spent this afternoon with my sisters and my grandbaby nephew (4 yo) walking along the river. Then took a spin through the home town in my sister's ragtop with the soundtrack from Forest Gump blasting into the evening air.

I am satisfied and happy with this day :)
take a nap!




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