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A little police public relations.

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I guess a cop should never relinquish a weapon, even in fun.
The deputies got suspended.
Can’t anyone take a joke anymore?
I wonder whose daughter that is. I don't recognize her. Does the cop with the camera know who she is?

In this photo provided by the Midland County, (Texas) Sheriff, an unidentified waitress at Twin Peaks Restaurant and Bar posses for a photo in Round Rock, Texas.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/us_world/2009/08/21/2009-08-21_emba...
I think to fire a good police officer is stupid. Do you have any idea the pressure those guys work under. What the hell, it was most likely one of their girlfriends. These guys risk their lives for little pay. Next time someone robs you or breaks into your house, think of the first person you want to call?
I wonder if the picture was the icing on the cake?
The fired deputies admitted to 3 to 5 beers at the bar. Should they be driving? Why did they have a county car and go out for a few?

I just see lots of poor judgment here but then it is Texas.
if the only thing that happened was the picture being taken I really don't see a big deal with it
I know the officers used poor judgment. But I’m sure that they wouldn’t have handed her a loaded m-16.
This just proves that cops are people too.
That grumpy old sheriff should lighten up. How did he know how they were going to get home?




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