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What's for dinner tonight??

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salmon, a sliced red potato, a zucchini all grilled inside on electric george foreman grill.
With homegrown cucumber and plum tomato salad.
Short ribs braised in marsala wine with mashed potatoes and peas. Household favorite! NO ONE will be late for dinner tonight! lol
I'm having a burger and a beer
Wow, Hawker, you raise the bar!

I had risotto with turkey, zucchini, and fresh sage leaves...
Tonight it's crabcakes, mmmmm!
Steak, Broccoli, and fresh tomatoes out of the garden.
Warming up a grilled chicken breast I did over the weekend. Probably add some potato salad.
Sigh... came home from Ct tonight and had Chik Fil A. Wife had to attend to elderly mother and didn't want to cook so late.

I just finished some left over spanish chicken with vienna sausage too.Washed it all down with a generous glass of Welch's Grape Juice.

If this keeps up I'll have to run to the Cheesecake Factory for some extra calories...LOL
Penne with Italian sausage, and a salad.
Lynda Q, I'm on the way.....sounds good. yummy

Or some kind of leftovers and a baked potato.
home grown tomatoes stuffed with shrimp salad
Sounds GREAT, Beth

Broccoli with garlic butter shrimp and home grown tomatoes.




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