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What's for dinner tonight??

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I'm thinking Lean Quisine. I wish my neighbor would come over and chop up some fresh tomotoes and cucumber for me. I would have a salad. I would make him/her do the dishes.

Then I would call him/her back and ask them to surprise me with a small piece of key lime pie? "Could you come back over and surprise me with some fresh key-lime pie, Sweety?"

Wouldn't that be the life...!
Broccoli and garlic buttered shrimp.
I had stuffed tomatoes. I picked them this morning and stuffed them with crab salad I made.
Whatever hasn't gone over in the fridge. I think there's a BBQ'ed chicken breast that is fairly recent. Add a baked potato and I'm done.
That sounds really GOOD, BethD
grilled chicken, biscuits, and green beans
My cuisine provider was sick today, so I cooked: Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips poorly hidden in the freezer, left over tacos, and warm Diet Pepsi. Sure hope she feels better tomorrow.
I don't cook either Dottie. The two of us can eat out as cheap as I can could and we can use the socialization
It's hard to cook for one. Sometimes I make a pot of something then freeze most of it in one or two portion sized containers. Don't have a clue what I'm having tonight. Maybe fish sticks. lol
got to go shopping but I'll make something good tonight.
hopefully something light, like tuna salad, iced tea




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