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Is there a song that sums up what you want people to think about after you are gone?


Would you want it played at your funeral?


I don't know if there will be a funeral for me or not? But i'm thinking seriously about how I want it to be a party.


And here is the song that I want played.









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Waytago, DD!!!
Pru; Forest Lawn
You got it! And I get to pick out the hat.

Just thinking.....I've always liked this. Not sure if it applies to sending me off but it's a good one.
Thanks Ms Pru....I shall think of other music I would like played....it will most likely "rock the house"!!
p.s. Since you've gone 'private' I just want to say "Hey" and wish you well...
My ex wants "Amazing Grace", "In The Garden", and a third one (I can't remember). I'm not sure what I would want, but I love Southern Gospel.
This about sums it up...It was a gift from My Beloved:

Oh - yes. Lovely Angharad.
Every one's choices so far are so poignant and interesting. Let us hope none of these songs need be played or sung to celebrate a "graduation" for a long long time to come.
Good choice angharad.
Already organized for my memorial or whatnot:
"Where My heart Will Take Me" also known as "Faith of the Heart" - lyrics by Diane Warren, first sung by Rod Stewart. I like Russell Watson's voice better. This song is my anthem. Then after wards I think "When The Saint's Come Marching In" and a good (old) New Orleans style party with all that Jazz and lots of booze would be just the ticket! ;) I love a good party - this one will be on me!
Oh. And a Piper too (I'm after all part Scottish- Clan Anderson ) haven't quite decide which tune - hope I still have time!
I thought about that one. But, I still like Poems, Prayers, and Promises. I also thought about this.

I do believe I inhabit a wonderful world.




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