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what the hell was she talking about

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do not start something
She? Who the hell knows. Probably, not even she.
I was talking about life... :) What were you talking about? :) James, help me out here!!!
i was talking about the gov of cal wife she would like to see him round for prez of the u.s.a. i think she is nuts
i live in ca now
Ok, thanks for clearing that up james, silly me.
Now I understand, James. Sorry about that. I don't have a clue why the Gov's wife would want him to run for President of the USA. I believe he isn't allowed to run since he wasn't born in the US. Am I correct in that Jacquin?
Is Ca on the verge of bankruptcy?
Are we losing businesses every day, especially to Nevada, due to stringent laws and high taxes?
Just a couple of sobering questions that may or may not reflect on the possible candidate.
So, I agree: what's she talking about?
How's the weather in LA, James? LOL
its warm, its cold its ca it has its ups and dowens
glad I got my laugh of the day vitamin here ;)
No, no James, it's, "That's what SHE said!" ;-)




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