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I'm sure someone will bitch and scream about this photo.

It's all people do is sit around and cry racist or some other cock and bull story.

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It ain't no bull.

This biggest offense being committed here is you trolling and trying to bait people into an argument.


I think I'll pass.

Pretty girl....nice outfit.


Where I got this photo, they are all upset about it.

I didn't read any further.

I got it from MS News.

I'm not troling, just tired of the constant bickering.

Simply Chic:                     

Victoria’s Secret apologizes about American Indian outfit

The lingerie giant is apologizing after an outfit that debuted in their annual fashion show last week caused controversy.



Like Slim said, yawn.

Nice looking woman model, the costume is nice also.

I can't  see a thing wrong with that, It's a cute  "outfit" I read the artical where some folks are kinda upset about it..

take an asprin and lie down




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