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"The US had to pay for the loss."  Really. And we did this by borrowing Trillions of dollars to invade a country that had nothing to do with the bombing???? How many Afghans or Iraqis were on those planes?

I wonder where the nukes went.
We went in the front door and the nukes went out the back door. (Iraq)
The former Soviet Union is still missing five nukes.
I wonder why they don’t show us peasants the pictures of Sadam with his nukes?
I hope we don’t find out.

They can't show us the pictures of the nukes cause Sadam never had them!!

The boy scouts must of bought the nukes from the Soviet Union.

Congress won't talk as they must be scared to scare the wimp's.

See why liberal web sites don't last long.

I am thinking that there should be cold weather laws!!

This one sentence editorial appeared in the Peoria Journal Star……

"A pen in the hand of this president is far more dangerous than a gun in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens."





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