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That sounds like it was written by someone with a paper a$$ hole.

I enjoyed reading that.


Bush invaded Iraq because the murderers that killed our citizens were hiding there.

Good job, Bush.

Do you expect me to read all of that negative propaganda?
The press always hates Republican’s.
We have discussed the WMD’s in Iraq before. The house and senate voted to go to war with Iraq. Presidents can’t just start a war anytime they want.
My neighbor had a good job while Bush was in office. Now he is a janitor. Go figure.
Did you write that garbage or did the democrats tell you what to say?
You should know by now I’m not a GOP puppet. It’s too bad you look like one.

And you should know that I knew you would never read it, and the only reason I posted it was to yank your chain.

Following your logic, Clinton must have been the best president because that is when I had my best job. What did your neighbor do while Bush was president? Make caskets for war casualties?

I guess we should of tattled to the countries in the middle east about Sadam being mean.
Our allies knew Afghanistan was next.
Our economy being bad was not caused by Bush or Obama.
The people that ruined our economy just blamed Bush and most of the American people fell for that hook, line and sinker. You can’t fix a problem if no-one will admit to having one.
Our mess is not going to get better. Companies will not hire after being ripped by something that was beyond their control. How can paper peddlers on Wall Street get blamed for our housing bubble collapsing like Bush warned us about.
Try bad banking regulations.

I'll agree with the bad banking regulations darrol. But out economy has ONE direct effect of the Bush presidency. 

For Fiscal Year 2001 the U. S. Defense Department budget was $291.1 billion. By 2009 that figure (set in place before Mr. Obama took office) would balloon to $515.4 billion.

These are facts that you may not want to believe, but they are facts non the less. Bush went to war over "weapons of mass destruction' that EVERYONE agrees were not there. Was Sadam a bad guy, no doubt. Was he a threat to the U.S. No fricking way.

Bush going t war cost us more that 4,000 american lives, over 30,000 wounded, (many who are homeless today) 

According to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report published in October 2007, the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could cost taxpayers a total of $2.4 trillion dollars by 2017 when counting the huge interest costs because combat is being financed with borrowed money.


Dubya's dad was more responsible. At least when he invaded a country he got much of the money for it from allies upfront before they started and did so in a manner that did not violate International Law.  Anyone ever notice that Dubya and Cheney don't travel to many foreign countries.

Remember 9/11. That attack was trying to bankrupt our nation.

There was billions in precious metals, securities, diamonds, etc in the towers. The US had to pay for the loss. The world won't use this country for a safe store anymore.

Remember the Terrorists declared war on us.

You can't defend yourselves by being nice to those people.

If Clinton had gone into Iraq, all would of been fine.




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