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Oh, you mean the same way you accuse me and Bubba of being lazy, welfare-cheating, tax-dodging black men ?
You ignorant wino fuck. You're too stupid to even realize how full of shit you are.

Yeah, nobody "owes you anything"; You got that much right, at least - But not for the reasons you think you did. Even a swine as deliberately blind as you, finds an acorn every now and then.

Snagg, you know how members of a cult believe everyone else is lying to them. Except Fox News - they always tell the truth.

i wuz watchin a donald trump rally  and twuz scary lookin what them people a'needin baths and him lookin' likes he wants to fuck us like farm animulls 

Today in History : Charles Lee, a minor commander in the Continental Army and a former Brit who left England in a snit after he wasn't rewarded with the titles and positions to which he felt entitled, betrays the fledgling United States and the Revolutionary Army when he ignores a direct order from George Washington (whom Lee considered his inferior) to hustle his troops across New Jersey to reinforce Washington's troops at the Delaware River encampment; Lee instead goes AWOL, abandons his troops, rides into town to find a whore and get drunk, and is captured by British troops two days later.

Lee, an arrogant and entitled asshole who had bought most of his previous rankings in the British army, happily turned traitor and told the Brits military secrets concerning American tactics and troop movements, in exchange for preferential and privileged treatment by his captors, and even went so far as to write battle plans for them - Which were ignored.

When Lee was released as part of a prisoner exchange two years later, he kept his betrayal a secret, reported to Valley Forge and once again promptly disobeyed orders from Washington, bungling an attack on the retreating British army so badly that he was suspected of colluding with the Brits. Lee was arrested, court-martialed and dismissed from the army, and died an alcoholic, dead-broke and humiliated fever victim a few years later.

darroll - Is this guy one of your ancestors ? Because he sounds JUST fucking like you.

You sure sound like a black man to me.

You hate everything. Snow White was a ho?

Find a successful lib if you can. They are too busy giving others money to losers.

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are both liberals, and have given away over 100 BILLION dollars to the needy. And they're still billionaires.

Barbra Streisand. Donated millions. Still a billionaire.

Warren Buffett. Liberal. Has donated close to half a billion dollars.

You really couldn't think of one successful "liberal" ? Are you THAT stupid, darroll ?

Bet that's why you hate them. They didn't think your sorry ass was needy enough. Wisely for the desperate folks their donations help (and too bad for you), they know that alcoholic, pig-ignorant rednecks are not only common as dirt, but there's nothing good for the rest of the world by helping them.

Trump, on the other hand, has actually started a couple of charities, but guess what ? He's contributed LESS to them than ANYBODY else who contributes money to them. He just claims them for tax purposes. And you want to suck his balls. What does that say about you, darroll ?

Not much, that's for fucking sure. Do you EVER get tired of embarrassing yourself, you ignorant piece of syphilitic dogshit ? You think that just because I know that you're a worthless, pig-fucking degenerate, that means that I "hate" everything ? YOU hate FAR more than I do, darroll - Guess that makes you black then.

You really should kill yourself, darroll. Not one person will miss you. It'd be the best thing you've ever done, for anybody, in your entire, miserable life.

Oh, and - What the fuck does "Snow White was a ho" mean ?

Look at me. I must be tired, asking the dumbest motherfucker on the internet to make sense of his own gibberish, as if a single word of it mattered.

Hear about the North Carolina town that banned solar panels because they would

soak up all the Sun? 


Yep. The school science teacher claimed that solar panels cause cancer. 

I had to do a thorough search of the internet to make sure this wasn't an "Onion"-style gag; Unfortunately, it's fucking true. That town sounds darroll-stupid.

"The war on Christmas, internment camp in Illinois."

Hair Hitler.


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