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Bye Week: Bills (3/5), Browns (1/7), Raiders (2/6), Rams (1/7), Vikings (7/1), Jets (4/4)

Sunday November 8
Time (ET) Visiting Team Home Team TV Weather
1:00 pm Washington Redskins (2/5) Atlanta Falcons (4/3) FOX 48 °F
1:00 pm Arizona Cardinals ((4/3) Chicago Bears (6/2) FOX 50 °F
1:00 pm Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals CBS 52 °F
1:00 pm Houston Texans (5/3) Indianapolis Colts (7/0) CBS 46 °F
1:00 pm Kansas City Chiefs (1/6) Jacksonville Jaguars (3/4) CBS 55 °F
1:00 pm Miami Dolphins (3/4) New England Patriots (5/2) CBS 51 °F
1:00 pm Green Bay Packers ((4/3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0/7) FOX 64 °F

4:05 pm Carolina Panthers (3/4) New Orleans Saints (7/0)FOX
4:05 pm Detroit Lions Seattle Seahawks FOX 43 °F
4:15 pm San Diego Chargers (4/3) New York Giants (5/3) CBS 43 °F
4:15 pm Tennessee Titans (1/6) San Francisco 49ers (3/4) CBS 50 °F

8:20 pm Dallas Cowboys (5/2) Philadelphia Eagles (5/2) NBC 41 °F

Monday November 9
Time (ET) Visiting Team Home Team TV Weather
8:30 pm Pittsburgh Steelers (5/2) Denver Broncos (6/1) ESPN

Obviously the biggest game of today have to belong to the Cowboys/Eagles!! Both are 5/2, and both hold 1st place in The NFC East. Will--by the end of the day--one of them will no longer be holding 1st place! Of course--we also haven't had a tied ending game neither--have we?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers remains the only totally defeated team. In facing Green Bay--can that be eradicated today? Or will Green Bay want to vent a little because they were beaten by Favre twice?

Colts--in facing Texans got a pretty challenging game that could test their undefeeated record. The Saints however look like they will keep their undefeated stance--since they are playing a not as good as they use to be Panthers team!

And will somebody please volunteer to be a Nurse on call for Larry--for Monday Night Football???

(Side note--I don't know why---but there is a Thursday night game--and NFL made that a week 10's game. Could someone please explain to me--how NFL figured that one out???)

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The Broncos finally lose.
Like I said folks---Larry is going to need a nurse on standby for him tomorrow night. Unless--Kitty--what are your nursing skills?
LOL Heart, both daughters are nurses and Steelers fans.
You are going to need then\m--Daddy!
By the way--I forgot to mention--Brett Fare FINALLY gets a week off!
You mis-spelled Favre, or maybe it is spelled Fare, or Farvey or Freverfaver, no wait, Ferverfrave...
Anyway, it's not pronounced like it's spelled.
I like iot when a woman wanna be 'bad'! It makes for a naughty situation!
T-30 minutes before the first group of games!! Hey Melly mel?? where are your picks? I wanna see if your new method--whatever it maybe--works?
Anybody wanna say which game they are watching? Or am I the only one in the world again this week?
Would someone please lend the North West a football team?
Hey?? The Broncos are not doing too bad this year?
My picks.
Falcons over Skins
Cards over Bears
Ravens over Bengals
Colts beat Texans
Jags squash Chiefs
Pats over Dolphins This could be a good one.
Green Bay over the other Bay
Saints beat Panthers
Lions beat Seahawks
Giants over Chargers
49ers beat Titans
Hmm.....Cowboys over Eagles
And again hmm....Steelers to beat Broncos

Gonna go start watching the Chiefs game. Be back later.




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