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Bye Week: Bengals (5/2), Chiefs (1/6), Patriots (5/2) , Steelers (5/2), Buccaneers (0/7), Redskins (2/5)

Sunday November 1
Time (ET) Visiting Team Home Team TV
1:00 pm Denver Broncos (6/0) Baltimore Ravens (3/3) CBS
1:00 pm Houston Texans (4/3 Buffalo Bills CBS (3/4)
1:00 pm Cleveland Browns (1/6) Chicago Bears (4/2) CBS
1:00 pm Seattle Seahawks (2/4) Dallas Cowboys (4/2) FOX
1:00 pm St. Louis Rams (0/7) Detroit Lions (1/5) FOX
1:00 pm San Francisco 49ers (3/3) Indianapolis Colts (7/0) FOX
1:00 pm Miami Dolphins (2/4) New York Jets (4/3) CBS
1:00 pm New York Giants (5/2) Philadelphia Eagles (4/2) FOX
4:05 pm Oakland Raiders (2/5) San Diego Chargers (3/3) CBS
4:05 pm Jacksonville Jaguars (3/3) Tennessee Titans (0/6) CBS
4:15 pm Carolina Panthers (2/4) Arizona Cardinals (4/2) FOX
4:15 pm Minnesota Vikings (6/1) Green Bay Packers (4/2) FOX
Monday November 2
Time (ET) Visiting Team Home Team TV
8:30 pm Atlanta Falcons (4/2) New Orleans Saints (6/0) ESPN

We have arrived to Mid Season in The NFL! From here on out--all of the Teams have to put an extra step into their games! This is especially true on all of the Teams that haven't even won a game yet! Speaking of which--The Rams may even have a chance of getting one in the win slot--because they are playing The Detroit Lions!! Of course--The Lions do have a win in their slot already--so we shall see!

Now unless you been living in a cave all week--u of course know that Brett Favre will once again face his old teamates The Green Bay Packers. The difference this time around is that he will be doing it on his old stomping ground as well! Yep! Brett is back at the place that told him to go someplace else! Now we were all thrilled by his performance at Minnosota when He face Green Bay. Is a repeat performance on its way---or will The Packers give him many reasons to stay away from now on? (Remember--FaVre did lose last week--so he is fallable!)

Other then the Rams/Lions game--the only 'even' teams playing each other will be The 5/2 Giants playing The 4/2 Eagles. These 2 teams have had a history of having some shall we say--'interesting' games....and i am sure tomorrow's game will be no exception!

So folks----What is your game for week 8?

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What am I going to do tomorrow? No Steelers game.
You can go play with........Uhmmmm...never mind!! Forget I even thought such a thought!
I am still waiting on Melly's picks! Let see if the hotness factor still work at least for the NFL!
Who got a game on CBS today? The Jets game is on CBS--so I guess I am not going to be able to see that one--since CBS is always blocking The Jets game for this area. Luckily The Giants game is on Fox!
3 minutes into the game--and The eagles already lead Giants 13 zip!! u think that could be a bad sign?
Anybody watching any games?

1:00 pm Denver Broncos 0 Baltimore Ravens 6
1:00 pm Houston Texans 6 Buffalo Bills 10
1:00 pm Cleveland Browns 0 Chicago Bears 16
1:00 pm Seattle Seahawks 10 Dallas Cowboys 21
1:00 pm St. Louis Rams 10 Detroit Lions 2 (St Louis could win one today!!)
1:00 pm San Francisco 49ers 14 Indianapolis Colts 9
1:00 pm Miami Dolphins 3 New York Jets 3
1:00 pm New York Giants 7 Philadelphia Eagles 30 (Do u think The Eagles will rub off on The Phillies today??)
Am I the only one in the whole wide world watching these games? Anyhow, Denver is on the verge of losing it first game! The Giants are being demolished! Indy just took the lead for the first time--Detroit and Rams are all tied! It is looking like The Browns are going to remained totally defeated! The Dolphins are making The Jets fly right into another lost! And the Cowboys are sending the Seahawks back to the sea!
Final scores for the 1pm games

1:00 pm Denver Broncos 7 Baltimore Ravens 30 (Denver is a defeated team!)
1:00 pm Houston Texans 31 Buffalo Bills 10
1:00 pm Cleveland Browns 6 Chicago Bears 30
1:00 pm Seattle Seahawks 17 Dallas Cowboys 38
1:00 pm St. Louis Rams 17 Detroit Lions 10 (Rams have a win!!)
1:00 pm San Francisco 49ers 14 Indianapolis Colts 18 (Colts still undefeated!)
1:00 pm Miami Dolphins 30 New York Jets 25
1:00 pm New York Giants 17 Philadelphia Eagles 40
Half time for the 4 pm games

4:05 pm Oakland Raiders 10 San Diego Chargers 21
4:05 pm Jacksonville Jaguars 13Tennessee Titans 13
4:15 pm Carolina Panthers 28 Arizona Cardinals 7
4:15 pm Minnesota Vikings 17 Green Bay Packers 3
Green Bay is making a huge comeback! It is 24/20 Minnisota top of the 4th quarter!
Heyyyy Melllyyyy??? Where are u???? Tennessee is about to win thier first game!




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