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What would you like to talk about? Sex, The President, the economy, Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever,  tics, taxes, forclosures, photo voltaic cell technology? There are several thousand of you signed up here, and,well wouldnt y'all sometimes like to have a discussion, outside of 'playing geography', or other word games?

Why are you here? What are you looking for, as a member of this group? No opinion to great, too small.

I'm here because I liked having  discussions with people on topics ranging from serious to absurd. I guess that includes hoping to find friends and chatting with interesting individuals who can open my mind to new points of view.

Or is the join button something you happened to click when the boss was coming by, gettin ready to catch you playing pacman?

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In baseball......all fielding positions are numbered....catcher, #1, pitcher, #2, ist base, #3, 2nd base #4, third base, # 5 and short stop, # 6......A ground ball hit to the shorts stop who throws to the 2nd baseman for the ist out, who then whirls and throws to the ist baseman for the second out.......6.4. 3 double play.....one of the prettiest plays in all of sports....imo.
another line I love from that song: "I wanna wake up w/the rain fallin' on the tin roof, while I'm safe there in your arms."
Uh Huh.....Need any more reason?
It got me at potatoes.....
Baseball??? Nope...like watching grass grow....
Baseball, in my humble opinion, is even worse than watching grass grow. Its like watching a glass of water. I've had to photograph baseball several times, professionally, and I hated it with such a passion. Football, on the other hand...
this is what I love about this site. A group of intelligent inquiring people who want to explore the vast realms of human thought. Who are not too restricted by beliefs that inhibit the expression of those thoughts. Free wheeling discussions about any and many things. Enough collective knowledge and exprerience to make any discussion informative and usually enjoyable. I think we should form a big commune and tell the rest of the world to go enjoy reality TV and the gossip shows that pretend to be news reports.
"this is what I love about this site. A group of intelligent inquiring people who want to explore the vast realms of human thought."

Robbie. I love you. You are a rare and a beautiful person.
That's nice Bob. I'd say that you were right on until you got to the love of a good woman. Romantic love is like cocaine. The higher you get, the deeper the drop.
If you truly believe that. Jackie. then i would respectfully say to you that you have neither given nor received true love. Never done coke or any drug....never needed to. so I don't know about their effects.
That Bob, may or may not be true.
Just about everything interests me (except sports.)
Goldilocks.....figureskating is interesting
Personally, my favorite sport is floating in a heated pool at night and watching the stars.




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