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What would you like to talk about? Sex, The President, the economy, Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever,  tics, taxes, forclosures, photo voltaic cell technology? There are several thousand of you signed up here, and,well wouldnt y'all sometimes like to have a discussion, outside of 'playing geography', or other word games?

Why are you here? What are you looking for, as a member of this group? No opinion to great, too small.

I'm here because I liked having  discussions with people on topics ranging from serious to absurd. I guess that includes hoping to find friends and chatting with interesting individuals who can open my mind to new points of view.

Or is the join button something you happened to click when the boss was coming by, gettin ready to catch you playing pacman?

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I don't understand why you consider the fact that by helping others we probably are helping ourselves is bad? Or did you mean it that way?

I don't think it is bad,. I was just cutting and pasting excerpts from the site w/the definition of secular humanism.

In the study of most religions, for me, there is a point at which they stop making sense....

perhaps it is at that point where one makes a "leap of faith."
Like the old joke about the mathmatical formula that includes "and here a miracle happens"?
Maricel. I will do just that!
Do you Quinn? I used to like people alot, but thats changed alot. I've developed this passion for solitude in the past 15 years, and often I find myself somewhere deep within. As you may or may not know, I am an artist, but that hasnt always been the case. I've worked for newspapers, I sold pharmaceuticals (I think thats when the withdrawl proccess started, I've done computer programming and medical research. Oh, an d marine biology. Most of all I detest rumor mongering, backstabbing, corporate ladder climbing and other little psychosis which tend to fester in isolated groups. Have a great weekend. Jackie
The anomalous black holes are concentrated areas of mass so immense, that the mammoth force of gravity denies anything within a certain area around it from passing. This area is called the event horizon of a black hole.
We have given black holes their name because light inside the event horizon can never be seen by mankind, or any outside observer. We believe that black holes in space are created by the collapse of a red super giant star. As these stars reach the end of their lives, an imbalance of inward and outward pressure forces the star to collapse.

interesting questions about the black holes answered:

1. How many black holes are currently known?
2. Where is, and how far is the nearest known Black Hole?
3. Is it true that time stops at the Event Horizon?
4. If light has no mass, how can it get trapped in a Black Hole?
5. Will black holes consume everything in the universe?
6. Will the Large Hadron Collider produce Earth-destroying black holes?
7. Could the Big Bang have been a Black/White Hole?
8. Are black holes flat?
9. Do white holes exist?
10. Could Black Holes be connected to White Holes?
11. Can black holes/worm holes transport you to other worlds?

Evidence for Black Holes
1. Who was the first person to discover a black hole and what was the date?
2. How has it been demonstrated that black holes are real?
3. Have X-rays been used to confirm the existence of black holes?
4. What evidence is there for a black hole at the center of our Galaxy?
5. What is known about Sagittarius A*, the center of our galaxy?

Inside a Black Hole
1. What happens to the material absorbed into black holes?
2. What is the name for the center of a black hole?
3. Is the singularity in M87 the same volume as a stellar one?
4. What happens to the accreted matter once it has collapsed into the singularity?
5. How can a Black Hole have zero volume and infinite density?
6. When light enters a black hole does it curve or is it bent?
7. If time comes to a standstill in a black hole, where does time began again out side the black hole?
Good news:
Our sun is waking back up.
If our sun started to cool, it would turn into a supernova and explode and then become a black hole.
Light can’t leave a black hole because of the super gravity that holds it back.
Light does not bend entering a black hole.
If a black hole would swallow a planet the size of the earth, it would be compacted to the size of an atom.
Interesting to some, boring to others.
food for thought....Global Warming might just be a large result of changes in our heliosphere (sun activities) though the media blames it more on human generated pollution. I think both factors play a role.
Maricel. I agree with you about global warming. Media is an interesting concept. It is a filter through which we observe what others observe others doing. I was in media for a while, and in some ways I still am. I think there are many filters like this, which put together a picture which we buy as reality.
Thats assuming that Einsteins laws of physics hold up under extreme conditions. Current research suggests that they do not. Also keep in mind that time does not exsist. There is only now. The rest of it is derived. Theres an equasion for that , if you are interested. Lately I'm beginning to wondeu just exactly what does actually exist?
I believe in the six, four , three double play, the wind weaving it's way through a tall grass prairie, a thunderstorm at night...the rolling thunder and lightening flashes, the quiet of the desert as the sun casts it's first rays across purple sage,the enthusiastic song of the Mockingbird just before dawn, the bark of a hunting coyote late at night,the utter silent beauty of falling snow, the click of a camera shutter as it captures a slice of time that will never be repeated, the shade of an Oak tree at the end of a row of ready-to-dig potatoes, puppies,kittens, and babies, and maybe most importantly....
the love of a good woman.
delightful, her cowboy. except I have no idea what a six four three dbl play is.

you've reminded me of a lovely Norah Jones song...
"Come away w/me & we'll walk where the yellow grass grows knee high."





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