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What would you like to talk about? Sex, The President, the economy, Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever,  tics, taxes, forclosures, photo voltaic cell technology? There are several thousand of you signed up here, and,well wouldnt y'all sometimes like to have a discussion, outside of 'playing geography', or other word games?

Why are you here? What are you looking for, as a member of this group? No opinion to great, too small.

I'm here because I liked having  discussions with people on topics ranging from serious to absurd. I guess that includes hoping to find friends and chatting with interesting individuals who can open my mind to new points of view.

Or is the join button something you happened to click when the boss was coming by, gettin ready to catch you playing pacman?

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darroll, I'm surprised a rap artist hasn't already reprised or put a spin on that song.
I heard it for the 1st time in the movie: Walk the Line
Like I said, I think we should do this together. Ofcourse, I JUST said that.

As for midlife crisis, I dont really have one, except that I miss my freedom, and always have. Maybe my marriage has been one gigantic midlife crisis...soon to be over, godwilling.

Since I'm 'Mother Sanity', all the kids call me 'mama' or 'mama S' and that makes me feel rather old. Especially since the 'kids' are all getting ready to graduate from high school.

I also want, more than anything to be Hawaiian, and I need to get back there so that I can find some way of making that happern. My SOUL, howerver, is and always will be Hawaiian.

I am not Hawaiian, but could easily pass as one. I also love Hawaii ever since I visited the islands in 2003 and have maintained a connection to the place through my daughter's hula engagements. Twelve yrs from now (after retiring from NYC DOE), I plan on moving there for a short while to teach and experience living in a tropical paradise.

great Hawaiian links: http://gohawaii.com/

The word Hawaii comes from Nuclear Polynesian 'sawaiki', with another meaning called "homeland"; some of the other similar words that are found in other Polynesian languages, are Māori (Hawaiki), Rarotongan ('Avaiki), and Samoan (Savai'i).
Good music.
What interests me today?!!!? It's HUMP DAY!!!
Do you think it's Obama's fault that we lost today's world Cup match(game)?

Do you think he should put Petraius in as coach?
OMG Robbie..
I think I’ll stand on the fifth amendment on this one.
I'm going back to bed......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
TSD interests me. /;->

Searching for cabbage patch dolls in nuclear waste dumps.




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