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What would you like to talk about? Sex, The President, the economy, Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever,  tics, taxes, forclosures, photo voltaic cell technology? There are several thousand of you signed up here, and,well wouldnt y'all sometimes like to have a discussion, outside of 'playing geography', or other word games?

Why are you here? What are you looking for, as a member of this group? No opinion to great, too small.

I'm here because I liked having  discussions with people on topics ranging from serious to absurd. I guess that includes hoping to find friends and chatting with interesting individuals who can open my mind to new points of view.

Or is the join button something you happened to click when the boss was coming by, gettin ready to catch you playing pacman?

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Pregnant exotic dancers.

2 months? 6 months? Ready to pop?

Damn, why should this interest me?????

I found out she just has a bit of a belly.

For some reason, I'm still interested.

i ben a'reedin everthang i could bout that kinda fillosophikul questchuns n stuff, frum kerkegaard to nietzshe n i cum away with a confusin mix of idees that almos fell together

I'm interested in Clod.

are you a'funnin me becuz i aint a'goin out which you unless i gits sum baccer n jug of moonshine n bacun

Clod, I gots all the baccky, shine, and bacon a cousin could evre ask far.

ifn we also gits a  duzen aigs we gots a brakefuss speshul 

I'm cool with that Clod, but I'm worried about them brown eggs.  You seem the guy to ask. What is it with "brown eggs". Are those eggs that came out of the wrong hole????




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