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Be honest. I once sold shares UBS futures to a Jesuit priest.

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Well, I bought a roll of Necco waffers at the 99 cent store. As I recall, Kit Kat is some undistingueshed crunchy wafer under milk chocolate, am I right? (a wimpy confection). I like Payday, (full of big nuts), Snickers, (nuts too), and unsweetened Baker's chocolate squares. (well, that'sd just plain eccentric.)
Good luck with those delicate whiffy kitty kats.
once gave a five dollar bill to a guy standing ouside a store for some charity. I guess he was the charity, but I like kit kat. "Hey, sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't. I think that is something else.--got to go.
My step-son used to play "what would you do for a dollar" with his friends. He usually won. Once he ran naked 3 blocks to McDonalds and back. I don't usually need to get naked for chocolate.
What would you get naked for?
Whaddya got?
how about an almond joy or a mounds... depending if you are feeling like a nut or not.
I've done nothing for a kit kat bar.

What would you do for a klondike bar?
Ask nicely, and bat my sheepish eyelashes!




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