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what have you don in till the sun came uup we would like to know

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The sun never sets on those who ride into it.
I, too, have slept until the sun came up.

However, I was driving a hundred miles an hour at the time.
The night is only as dark as your heart
I'm with the group that usually sleeps! However, upon occasion I have also:

partied (in my younger days)
driven (in turns with someone else)
talked things out
stayed up with a sick child
i had sex in till the sun came up
Visited the guard posts around the perimeter to make sure they were awake. Sometimes, they weren't!

laying on the perimeter waiting for the attack, that never happened

partied (in my younger days) calli, have we met?

Driven across Western Kansas(in my much younger days)

played cards

sit with friends and talk about anything and everything
Anybody wondering beside me ? who is " WE"
I think "We" is the North Hollywood posse .......

I've spent many nights awake until sun up for different reasons, but one night when I was 19, I sat on my parents front lawn one night, with some mescaline in my pocket that I never took. I sat their thinking about my life. When the sun rose, my grandfather ( who had dementia) came out and sat with me for a while, he didn't say a thing, but he smiled at me a few times. Later that morning, I got a hair cut, and that day I found a job and have been working ever since .... I wonder what would have happened if I took the drugs, it probably would have derailed me a bit ...........
this question is too hard ---I am going to sleep--good answer. I have done it all---kids, love, work, sail,run, divide, drive and I am not finished yet---not if the sun comes up!!!!




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