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Fromze, Fromzie, I called him? He used a raccoon picture and was mean as a hornet (though I rather admired that...)? Very well versed in science, too. Do you know or wonder the where abouts of former TBD members? JackieRodzinski, MotherSanity, TheInquiringEye (last incarnation)

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Let us not forget Ad1guru....under it all, he was a gentle, sensitive guy! I miss him.....he called me "bro". "sniff"
yes Gary He was ! He was just crying for attention :)
Can anybody get in touch with Harry Gibson?
I loved Milt! Milt gave me some very sound advice.
Spuff, MonkeyPants, Whoozo, Donnaka...just a few. I see a lot of folks on FB. We could use them here..
I miss Ken Thomas and HappyDays. Those were a couple of real down to earth guys...the kind of guys you'd like to have as neighbors. They were courteous and always replied to PMs in a nice way. When I first came to TBD the First, there were a lot of people who didn't hesitate to throw the newbies under the bus. Ken and HD were never like that.

I also miss Uncle Fester and Todd JD. Fester could be a little biting, but I bonded well with him. Our humors meshed well. I had many PM conversations with Todd. He came over here to the Ning, but he was no longer here the last time I checked. He had a great wit, and was mindful of others feelings. Amazingly enough, when Todd and I were once talking about the biggest *ssholes on TBD, we both had the same two guys ranked right up at the top of our respective lists.
Sammy is alive and well over on FB. She even has an apartment in YoVille! LOL!
There is a TBD group on FB...maybe we should go strong arm some of them....oh, wait...I don't do Mafia wars!!!
Hey! I'm mindful of others' feelings. Yeah, right! As if those feelings are real.

(backing away, hands in the air) KIDDING, JUST KIDDING
Lar, you haven't left, so there was no need to pay tribute to you.......yet! Oh, and you weren't on that list of *sses, either.....yet! LOL!
lmao. Yet.




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