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Yes. My avatar pic is accurate. I'm blonde. And although I absolutely don't think of myself as old, the last 2 days...

- Yesterday I got my beloved convertible out of the shop & thoroughly enjoyed driving around w/the top down, sunshine beating down on me, wind blowing my hair. I even wrote a haiku about it! Came home last night, hadn't seen or heard a weather report, but it was beautiful out, so I left the top down. One of my communal housemates called me at 8am this morning when he got in from work.... "Hey, Taylor... did you know it was raining outside?"
ggrrrr!!!!! So much rain that there was standing water on the floorboards.

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Chapters II & III

- I get out of Yogalates class this morning & turn my cell phone on to ck msgs.
(this paragraph is actually going to be a double! ;-p)
Phone screen's black, will NOT turn on, despite me opening the back up, taking the little pack thingy out, tapping on it, blowing on it, waiting a wee bit, trying again. I immediately get so frustrated, b/c this is already my 3rd bb Storm, after having 2 duds. AND I'm thinking WHAT an inconvenience it is going to be to have to drive to the Verizon store & eat up a chunk of my Saturday unexpectedly. ggrrr....

I go to the bank & then head out to the d@mned Verizon store, which is toward town. I'd pulled into the bank coming from town, and pull out NOT going back from whence I came. Drove until I no longer recognized my surroundings (a few miles, now, not another state) & thought, d@mn, how do I get to the Verizon store from here?! ggrrr.....

I turn around, head in the correct direction, regain my bearings & am about to turn onto the road that will take me to the Verizon store. I've burned up at least 10 extra minutes at this stage, driving to & fro in the wrong direction & back, and a lot of energy being thoroughly aggravated w/Verizon. That's when it dawns on me. I left my phone in my purse overnight, which I rarely do. What if it just needs charging?


Chapters IV, V, VI & VII

- I regroup & drive to the grocery store. The rain has subsided. I park on the very outer perimeter of the parking lot, to get a little walk in to & fro. (remember this one later; this is Chapter IV '-). I take my double espresso out of the cup holder & put in on the console to bring w/me as I gather my market bags. The top is down now, btw. I go into the entrance of the store, get a buggy, get the sale papers, get ready to enter the store & think, 'darn it, I left my coffee in the car..... & it might start raining again, I should put the top back up while I'm out there.' I leave my buggy, w/the sale papers, and exit the store. The sky is getting dark & threatening & I think, 'hey, I'll get my umbrella while I'm back at the car!' Great idea. I'm quite pleased w/myself at this thought. Why didn't I think to MOVE THE CAR CLOSER TO THE STORE?!? I go back to the car, put the top up, get my espresso, go back into the entrance of the store & remember the umbrella. #@!%$* sigh..... I go BACK out to the car, STILL don't think to drive it closer, and get my umbrella. Back to the entrance of the store, new buggy, head into the store. No sale papers. I literally entered & exited the grocery store 4 times before I was able to begin shopping.

Oh. And the end of Chapter IV? .....bottom fell out of the sky while I was grocery shopping. It was POURING rain when I left. Despite having my umbrella I was soaked to the bone by the time I'd walked to the OUTER EDGE of the parking lot, unloaded my groceries & put the buggy away. ;-p

All I can say is....I'm tired.....
Me, too, Cowboy, me too.
Impressive!!!! You remembered where you parked your car 4 times! Do you use some sort of mental trick for remembering where you park your car.
ROTFLMAO!! Thank you, Robbie, thank you! *taking a bow*

And I do, actually, do little tricks to remember! hahaha I look around & line it up w/something.... to self- "it's in the row than lines up w/the atm machine".... that kind of thing.
I also recommend having unique looking vehicles. I have a car & a work truck & neither of them are the kind of vehicles that look like a dozen other vehicles in the parking lot. So, I must confess that I often use that means of finding my vehicle, which is kind of a gimme, I guess; I simply scan the lot & my vehicle is quickly & easily recognizable. '-)
I press the remote trunk lid release.....and hope it only works on mine...
NAW....you were too busy kicking my a** to post anything...
I posted it for her since she was tied up w/you, Cowboy.
anytime, Pru. '-)
OH! And I forgot one! Chapter... whatever's next....

I was reminded of this one as my foster dog just made a coughing, choking, hocking sound....

I come in from the grocery store, sopping wet, tired, dejected, forlorn.... & open the door to trash carpeting my floor from the kitchen through the living room. Yep.
My current foster dog was feral before being rescued by the Animal Project through which I foster. She lived in a shelter for 3 years before coming into my home, the first home in which she's ever lived. Of course she's going to scavenge, and I'm typically mindful of this. But this morning, suffering from my apparent 24 hour Blonde & Old virus (please, please be a 24 hour bug!) I took the lid off the trash can to empty yesterday's coffee grinds and just left it, on the floor, like that was the most natural thing in the world to do. To the best of my detection from the trash strewn floor I'd say she's eaten at least paper, soft plastic, hard plastic & chicken bones. The coffee grounds are just strewn everywhere; I'm pretty sure she didn't actually consume any of those. Wish us luck. :-P
Taylor, Taylor, Taylor!!! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!!! Fantastic!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! Let us all know if it doesn't get better in 24 hrs.!!!




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