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Son and I are driving from NJ to California, and presumably back again. The Inquiring Grasshopper may join us, she's been trying to hitch a ride on a trip with her bf's family (Why she'd ever want to do that escapes me!)

Son has a seminar in San Francisco from the 18th to the 28th. I guess we'll be on the road for a while, or at least as long as we can stand oneanother. We are taking my miata, so there wont be much room for luggage. Were leaving just as soon as the requisite pharmaceuticals are in place.

What';s everyone else up to?

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Hi Merry. I like to read and I read alot. One year, the topic I became enamoured with was death and dieing. Ironically, I never felt so close to life as I did that year, the year that I 'contemplated' the subject of death. MS
by the way...if anyone was planning to ROB our house while we were GONE, (lol...fools), there'll still be more than enough people here to SHOOT you. However, if you were planning to BURN THE PLACE DOWN, leave ample notice and we'll make sure the entire clan's OUT TO DINNER.
And you'd be surprised how much those little cars can hold, especially if you eliminate the roof. Who needs clothes, anyway? Yeah. Cross country in a Miata. Naked. At 52. (or 51...I forgot).
I am flying up to White Plains, NY to escort the love of my life back down here for his move to me. I can't imagine plans any sweeter or more exciting than that! Since I woke up on July 1st & realized he was moving to me this month I keep thinking of the last line of a James Wright poem....

"...if I stepped out of my body I would break
Into blossom."
Good for you d.

Purr, Purr.
mmm... thank you, darroll. prrrrrrrrrrrr.........'-)
Going to Disneyland!!! Hannah finally got her papers together for S. Korea and she is leaving on August 18th. So our last big blow out is 5 days at The House of Mouse. We aren't leaving until the first, so if you happen to be swinging south Jackie, give me a shout and we can grab some lunch.
No thanks on MouseLand..and don't try to convince me otherwise....
Did the rollercoaster thing once...a great big wooden one...hated every fleeting moment of my life passing before me on it. I think I wet my pants...it ruined the day for me..

I am a working class hero...good job...good pay...no benefits. So if I take off....no moola...:-(
I will go to Atlanta to see my siblings for a long weekend in August....great time to go to the deep South! It will be a good visit. Since our mother died in '08 we are trying to get together at least once a year...and not on FB!
Don't forget that you're also going to visit a tbd'er while you're in Atlanta. '-)
I hope we can work something out! I had a chance to meet Stir this morning for a quick visit...!
Awesome! I met Robbie a couple weeks ago, along w/a friend of his (although I did NOT get to meet Happy :-( ) & I met CuppaJoe for dinner over the weekend.
Ducatiman's my next tbd visitor. '-)
How lucky are you!! Those two are near the top of my "would like to meet someday" people here....




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