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When was the last time you crossed a line. I mean one of those times, either online, or in real life, you either said, posted, or did something, you later regretted? Sometimes we all do, or say, things we later wish we could take back. Were you aware of stepping over that line when you did it? I mean was it on purpose? Was it inadvertent, and something you realised later? Was ot something you did not know about until it was pointed out to you? I, personally have stepped over those lines many times. Have you?

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Last week. You should have to pay something to use Reply All. LOL I still don't think I was out of line but several (cough cough) others did not agree.
The instant decisions we make on line, and off, sometime do backfire with unintended consequences. Sometimes I think the on line "whoops" are harder to take back than the ones in rea life.
I accept the consequences of my own actions.
I’m not politically correct, If something need addressed, I give it my best shot.
In other words, I call a spade a spade.
I'm with darroll on this.
Why don't you just come out and tell me what I did?
Oh Chez, We all know, so discussing it would be pointless.
Which line....the one drawn in the sand...it keeps changing. So I ignore it and just live life the best I can...it's life, not perfect, neither am I.
Can we just blame Chez??
Why not, everyone else does!
Chez and the bunnies made me do it.
Chit man. You ever see the movie Bat 21 with Gene Hackman and Danny Glover? Remember the scene of the chopper pilot, dancing around in the river, with the VC pointing a gun at him? Both of them know there are mines in the water, right?

Well. That's me. Only there are no VC.

Haa ha ha!




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