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We need Prayers, Warm Thoughts, Best Wishes, or whatever you personally send out.

My step-daughter Grace is missing. She's 32 years old and lives alone, and we haven't seen her for a week. We finally called the police and had them open her apartment. She's not there, but there was no sign of a struggle. Her phone is going directly to voicemail, and she hasn't been online since Tuesday. Her laptop is still in her apartment, as is her school backpack. This is very unusual, because she rarely goes anywhere or does anything, and always stays in touch with us. I'm going back down to the police station this morning to see if they've done anything. Whatever positive energy you can send this way would be appreciated.

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Kate, this is shocking . . . I am so sorry, and I pray that you get good news soon. I will keep you all in my prayers.
Thank you all so much for your kindness and caring. We received word from the police department this morning that Grace is in the hospital, and that she is doing well. I am so relieved, words don't express it. I am hopeful that there are resources to help her with whatever struggles she must contend with, not the least of which is the love from her family.

The support I've had here from all of you is beyond measure. You are all amazing. Thank you.
Thanks for letting us know Kate. BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!! Prayers will continue until Grace is safely back home.
What a relief for you, Kate. So happy to hear the good news.
Peace to you all.
WHEW! There's definately help for her Kate and it looks like she's open to the help. Great news. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Healing thoughts and prayers for your step-daughter, and all of you, too, Kate.
Thank goodness. That's very scary. Prayers are with you. Have a blessed Holiday.
Sending positive energy - but also possible thoughts: have you checked with area hospitals, friends, laundry room where she lives? Hae you checked airlines, buslines, trainlines to see if she took a trip? Does she have a car that can be traced?

I am sure the police know how to do all these things, but sometimes the police don't always want to intervene if it is an adult missing.


Thank you for your thoughts SeaRain. We did all of those things early on, but the hospital was unable to give us any information until the police checked with them. We happily discovered this morning that she is in the hospital and doing well. I have finally had a chance to speak with her this afternoon, and feel quite positive about the outcome.
I'm so relieved to hear this good news. She's in a safe place and getting the care that she needs. I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers, Kate. You must be exhausted. Take care of yourself as well.
I'm so happy for you and yours that your stepdaughter is safe and under good care.

Will keep praying.
Glad to hear the ending to this story... Happy Tears! Glad you found her!




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