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We need Prayers, Warm Thoughts, Best Wishes, or whatever you personally send out.

My step-daughter Grace is missing. She's 32 years old and lives alone, and we haven't seen her for a week. We finally called the police and had them open her apartment. She's not there, but there was no sign of a struggle. Her phone is going directly to voicemail, and she hasn't been online since Tuesday. Her laptop is still in her apartment, as is her school backpack. This is very unusual, because she rarely goes anywhere or does anything, and always stays in touch with us. I'm going back down to the police station this morning to see if they've done anything. Whatever positive energy you can send this way would be appreciated.

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Oh Kate, sending my positive thoughts your way for the safe return of your step-daughter.
My best and you have any positive forces I can send.
Keep your faith.
Be Well my friend
Big Hug
Our thoughts, prayers and hopes are with you. We wish that Grace be found and returned safely to the ones that share her life and her love of life.
Keeping you and Grace in my thoughts & prayers.
Positive energy is on the way Kate. Bless Grace and you and yours.
I'm so sorry to hear that your stepdaughter is missing.
Praying for the situation.
Hugs, Kate.
Sending prayers and positive thoughts to you and your family!
Hang in there, Kate. All good thoughts are in your direction.
Hang in there.
Good luck in your search.

Your family is in my thoughts Kate. My best to you, and to Grace for her safe return...
how scary. sending positive energies for a good outcome.
Dear Kate, You have my prayers and all positive thoughts that Grace will be found safe and sound.
Peace to You and Yours.




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