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Or... A drinking buddy.

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Can I have a drinking buddy and imediate gratification too??
But what if u get some gratification because of a drinking buddy, and when you thank that buddy in the morning..the buddy have no idea why u are thanking them??
hehehe... (looks at hand) "Hi babe, I'm home".
Well, that would be a drinking buddy that could give you immediate (hopefully not too immediate) gratification.
I think I should let this thread go!!!!!! What could I possible have to offer>>>>>>>>>
Just offer a hand.
Larry, I hope you are not offering YOUR hand.
This little conversation has even creeped ME out.LOL
(snickering) 1GL sand "hard" and "handful".
Someone sent me a quote yesterday - "Facebook is to social networking as masturbation is to sex." I told her I didn't know what it meant and to stop poking me.
It shouldn't surprise you. You know I dwell on your every word. :)




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