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Its been a long time since my emails were full of advertising for this stuff...then it became illegal. Is it legal to get this stuff on the internet again? Mother Sanity


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May I suggest a subscription to High Times magazine?!!!?
Ah, us 'OldTimers'! Once I did get some of those 'vicodan'. (I had a bad back.) Ended up swimming with th 'dolphins' in Florida.Lucky to be able to tell this story.
Flipper sez "Hello!!!"

Even the cute little dolphins can be dangerous at times, according to the Discovery show I saw recently. Dolphins are very strong and powerful.
Flipper had the sense to stay away from from Mother Sanity.
Check the ads to the right of this page.
Anybody know where I can get some Spanish Fly?
i want a joint of sensimailain, where can I get that?
haven't smoked the herb in 10 years i am due for a walk in the woods and toke on some smoke!
popular med marij states....?
Thanks man. I understand NJ was going to legislate it. (I have a very painful autoimmune disease, and my pain killer doctor just cut me off...who knows, I've always hated the stuff, but maybe when that Big Police Man comes to my door and it will make me smile, that alone would be enough....
Whatever happened to dilaudids?




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