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Would you permit your unmarried child and their S/O to share a bed in your home? Are their age limits you have in mind? What if they were gay?

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No. They can get their own home. Like I did. Gay or no gay.
With some Eames LCWs and a Rauschenberg or two...
Lke a few others have said what are all the circumstances? are there younger siblings at home? if they are over 21 it could be a tough call, but it is the parents house.

My oldest does come home from college with his girlfriend, at school they have separate rooms, do they use them that way...probably not... but in my house...separate rooms.... after all, my house, my rules!
Any circumstances:
Adult children
I dont see the problem? It's just sex: like eating, sleeping....it's what people do.
Well, maybe not ORGIES.... but as Nick so eloquently remarked, only if I am invited.
What am I missing?
Whats the big deal?
The big deal is that you are legally responsible for the conduct of minors in your house. If they are not minors, it's a personal matter.

My older daughter told me her college boyfriend didn't think it was a good idea to bring it up when he came to visit years ago. He was only 6' 0", about 180 lbs at the time. Smart kid.
Thats kind of the way I thought of it, too.
LynneAnne,it shows that you've an emanicipated mind from fixations and biases of old times.Good luck and have a great day for yourself
Compliment (Click Me)
Almost had a 'depends' moment with that one Sheldon!!!! Best to get hit over the head with a sledge hammer rather a feather?
Jaylee,a nice and effective way of communication,have a great day
You'll be lalalalala-ing yourself straight to the psychiatrist in a few years.
But Suzie, they are doing it anyway. Isnt it better to make sure they get the propper medical care then to plead ignorance? And frankly, wouldn't you RATHER know where they were sleeping.? (BTW I put the 'gay' part in just to provoke you.)
They dont




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