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I had fun playing this game at another forum outside TBD.
Tell two lies (not obvious ones) and a truth about yourself
and the next person has to spot the truth. Then, he or she
has to tell 2 lies and a truth.

1. I posed semi nude as an artist model in my teens.
2. I play with knives.
3. I dance hula w/a halau for recreation.

heheheheheh guess the truth.

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lol nope to #3

Moosie's a #1
How is Reggie doing now. last time I saw or heard of him...he had a cameo role in the movie
Bench Warmers
I think you are telling the truth about number 3, dancing hula.

1. I dated a millionaire
2. I was in a prison cell with one of Muhammad Ali's bodyguards
3. I played Santa at the mall
dang urs is hard..... I'll guess #1 too
1 and 3 are a bit of a stretch of the truth. But number 2 is absolutely true.
what the heck were u doing in prison.....curious minds want to know
He was keeping the other guy company, What do ya think he was doing in there silly! LoL
Tina....no truth and lies for you?
Why are 1 & 3 a bit of a stretch...
Isn't Poughkeepsie near that rich waterfront area
and I could so see you as Santa Claus at the Galleria
Oh, I did date a girl whose father was a millionaire and I played Santa a few times at my sister's day care center. So 1 and 3 are almost true I guess.
oops...my answer ended up on top!...lmao
#3 is true for 1Great"Lady" (a hint?)




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