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Those of you who do regular commutes to major metro areas know what I mean. All it takes is one major accident and your commute can be multiplied by hours. Count on it when bad weather days hit. Thinking of taking the train...not in NY, where train schedules can be as disrupted as automobile routes.  (Ok, Mayor Bloomburg and The Donald can fly), but what about those of us (you) who cant? Do you listen to the traffic reports in the am? Do you work from home? Take sick/vacation days? What if these gridlocks are routine. How do you cope with them. Is it alright to be constantly off schedule at the office. Doesnt the stress of sitting in 2 hours of traffic each day leave you with chest pains? Or is road rage the name of the game?

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Nice new avatar. '-)
I know, Quinn, I hate it when the path to my bed is blocked & I have to figure out an alternate route. It can be very stressful.
I have experienced lots of traffic. Never enjoyed it, but learned to put up with it. Have experienced "Road Rage" a number of times. But, Haven't shot any one yet. One of my old army buddies once pulled out a .357 Magnum and put two bullets into the engine of a guy who had cut him off. Back in the days before cell phones, so he got away with it. Ahh, for the old days.
You haven't lived if you've never droven through Atlanta in the days before Interstate Highways. Took hours to get through. A jillion stoplights.
I commuted from Leesburg,VA to Crystal City, VA for about a year and a half. If I got out of the house before 6am. I would be at the office by 7:30 am. If I didn't get out of Leesburg before 6:15 am, I was lucky to arrive at the office before 9am.
I commuted from Leesburg, VA to Ft. Monmouth, NJ for over a year. had to be through Baltimore before 6am if I wanted to get to Ft. Monmouth the same day. Each week I drove up on Monday and back on Thur.
I commuted from Harpers Ferry, WV to Mclean, VA. for over 6 years. i lived in Austin, Texas and drove to Ft. Hood every day.
I've lived and worked in Dallas, Texas.
I commuted through 20 mi of beach traffic from Patrick AFB, to Cape Canaveral, FL for a year.
I've driven through Boston, MA, at all hours of the day, going back and forth to Logan Airport. I've driven in Panama city, Panama, Napels, and Rome, Italy.
But you have never been in gridlock traffic unless you have run convoys through Siagon, Viet Nam in the early seventies.

I now drive a 32 ft. Motor home towing a jeep liberty. The rig is over 50 ft. I came through Houston, Texas last week.
OK, Brag over. Let's see who can top it. (:>) Hi, Larry.
It takes me two hours to drive to work in Houston from my home on Monday and do not get back home till Friday night about 10pm.
Oh Dear God!
I would rather be in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang sounds good to me... though I've always had my heart set on Vanuatu.
We got really good lobsters from Vung Trau
Try the route through my kids bedrooms.




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