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I can't find this in a more recognized source, but there are suggestions that Russian scientists are claiming that the dispersant used in the Gulf oil spill is more dangerous than the oil itself and that it has the "theoretical" possibility of causing a toxic gas or toxic rain that could rain down on the east coast and cause major damage. What do you think?

The most reasonable sites I could find discussing this are below:



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I have already hear on more mainstream news sources that the dispersant might be worse than the oil itself. But nobody knows exactly what is in it.
I've heard something to this effect also. But it was quickly squelched by The White House.
Can you tell me a link to the squelching? I'd love to read it.
We never get the "whole story".
They just don't want us to know for one reason or another.
You have to learn to read between the lines of every story.
I have traced this story to on Sorcha Faal who claims to come across secret Russian information, I almost repeated one yesterday till I investigated. This person seems to be a figment of a person Davis Booths' imagination. There are too many links to put here I suggest a google of them.

Her/His/Their web site seems to be connected to this.http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/

The "report" I found most interesting was that the Russians know what the cause of the deepwater collapse was a North Korean torpedo because the rig was built in South Korea.

I believe as a result of this/these people putting this story out is the reason it is impossible to verify from any reputable source.

As for the white house squelching anything, I think accusations like that should be attributed. Otherwise just another rumor.
Thanks, Bull.
Sorry, I actually had to put those in my browser, here is that link.
Don't get me wrong corexit is terrible stuff.
The topic perked up my ears and I just did some clicking around. I was just sharing some links that I thought were in line with the OP. You know me Bull, always looking for a good link. :-)
I own one of the "Disinformation" books and it notes every source that is quoted in the appendix so I thought THAT particular link was credible. Scary stuff.
I was just pointing out the wack job Sorcha Fall/David Booth if you want some entertainment read that stuff. I went thru the link to the EU and to the source of that and came up with Faal
OMG Bull, that was a weird ride!!! Fortunately I came out unscathed. LOL!! That is some weird stuff. I went from your link, investigated a couple of others and came around to this one. Thanks for the fun ride. :-)




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